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Titan X Water Block Preorders Open, EKWB Pledges To Ship Mid-August

Nvidia’s Pascal Titan X, the new GPU king, just launched, but EK Water Blocks isn’t wasting any time preparing its water cooling solution for the $1,200 graphics card. EKWB has already developed a block and is taking pre-orders now.

The EK-FC Titan X Pascal water blocks feature EKWB’s standard split-flow cooling engine with its high-flow internal design. The block surface has channels that direct the flow of liquid directly over the key heat generating components (the GPU, RAM and VRMs).

The water block will be offered in four different variants. You can choose from bare or nickel-plated electrolytic copper contact surfaces, and each version has the option of black Acetal or clear acrylic glass for the top. Typically, you won’t find any other differences between the acrylic and Acetal variants, but the Titan X Pascal blocks break the mold slightly. You’ll find two pre-drilled holes for LED lights on the clear top versions.

EKWB is also breaking away from tradition slightly with this announcement; typically, it announces products that are already in the hands of resellers and ready to ship that day, but that is not the case for the Titan X Pascal blocks. EKWB plans to ship all four variants of the Titan X Pascal water blocks on Tuesday, August 18.

We expect that EKWB is playing it safe with the release of this product. The Titan X is a significantly expensive and fairly exclusive graphics card. Most of them will be snatched up by academics and researchers, with a few landing in the hands of some well-to-do gamers. It’s probably difficult to judge demand for such a release, and taking orders in advance is a simple way to avoid being stuck with inventory that won’t sell.

If a Titan X Pascal is in your future and a water block is of interest to you, you can place an order through the EK Webshop. Bare copper blocks are $123.99, and nickel-plated options are $135.49. EKWB will also be releasing full-cover back plates in the coming weeks, which will be available in a variety of colors including black, nickel-plated, blue, gold and red.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.