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Evercool Announces Transformer S CPU Cooler

The device comes with "specifically designed" fins as well as two 8mm copper heat pipes to dissipate hot air more efficiently.

The 9cm, 2200 RPM fan also features a unique blade design to operate quietly (between 15 and 35 dBA). According to Evercool, the Transformer S is 13.5cm in height, fits in most ATX cases and is compatible with most AMD and Intel processors, reaching back to Intel's Pentium 4 series and AMD's Athlon 64 X2 and FX-series.

There was no information on pricing.

  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Crappy plastic pins again? As if the Intel stock cooler didn't give us enough pain with this.

    Also, the round white fan looks awkward on this heatsink.
  • cmcghee358
    92mm is disappointing. I think it's fairly safe to say 120mm is the enthusiast size standard at this point.

    Unless it's for small size cases, in which was who cares?
  • joytech22
    Ehh.. I think I'll be sticking to my H50 for a while longer.
  • mrmaia
    I thought this one was related to the "Transformers mouse" news on Monday (,13587.html)

    This cooler brings nothing extra to the market. At 2200RPM it must be a hairdryer. I stick with my Zalman :)
  • tipoo
    Sweet, my Athlon 64 needs a new cooler!

  • pro-gamer
    which type of cpu socket it support
  • Any one seen their terrible computer animation of the CPU cooler?
  • tetracycloide
    mrmaiaAt 2200RPM it must be a hairdryer.Should probably read the whole article first next time:
    between 15 and 35 dBA
  • warezme
    small fan, two small pipes, minimum fin area and overall small size??

    Unless it transforms into something better, I'll pass.
  • extremepcs
    Plastic pins? Fail.