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Five 550 And 600 W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supplies, Tested

Results: Kingwin Lazer Platinum 550 W

Efficiency According to the 80 PLUS Specification

Efficiency by Output Power

Up until now, Enermax's Platimax was the the most efficient power supply that we've ever tested. But Kingwin Lazer's tops it. The LZP-550 suffers no weaknesses in the 80 PLUS compliance test and, at 20% load, it’s one percentage point more efficient than the Enermax model. In fact, as power draw drops, Kingwin's advantage over Enermax grows.

At 25 W, the LZP-550's efficiency is a respectable 79 percent, but at 50 W it jumps to 87 percent. This power supply also sports the highest hold-up time in the test field, at almost 30 ms. The ripple and noise values are also excellent. There is simply nothing we dislike about the Kingwin Lazer Platinum 550 W.

A Closer Look at the PCB

The LZP-550's PCB does not cover the entire floor inside the power supply’s enclosure. There is, however, a second circuit board on a side wall.

The input filter can be found on the main PCB and consists of two choke coils, four Y capacitors, and three X capacitors. This PSU does not sport a metal oxide varistor, though. In order to achieve its high efficiency, the Kingwin supply is based on a modern LLC resonant topology. While all the components are high-quality parts from Japan, in our opinion, the soldering quality leaves room for improvement.