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AMD A10-6700 And A10-6800K Review: Richland Hits The Desktop

Results: Productivity

Our Acrobat benchmark involves exporting a PowerPoint presentation to PDF format. It's the last single-threaded test in our suite.

Not surprisingly, the Core i3 ends up on top. The APUs aren't far behind, at least.

On the other hand, a well-threaded application like 3ds Max gives each A10 APU an opportunity to stretch its legs. The four integer cores you get from two Piledriver modules outmode the best efforts of two Hyper-Threaded Ivy Bridge cores.

Blender puts the Core i3-3220 and A10-6800K on equal footing, with the other APUs slightly behind.

FineReader is also well-threaded, which is why AMD's quad-core APUs manage to eke out a win, despite lower per-core performance.

Despite the threaded nature of our Visual Studio test, Intel's Core i3-3220 scores a first-place finish. The two APUs finish a couple of minutes behind. Clearly, something else is bottlenecking AMD's processors.