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Alienware's Graphics Array Adds to Gaming Wallop with a Double Graphics Card Punch


How much of a frame rate increase will you get with the Graphics Array? Alienware says about 50% more than having a single graphics card. Obviously there is a going to be some overhead with the software driver, and the PCB signal combiner.

Will it work with Linux? The software driver is a Windows-only product. Alienware officials say that if the demand for Linux games increases, then they will develop a Linux driver. Alienware says that they wouldn't object to the Linux community making their own driver.

What happens if one card crashes? Alienware says that the load-balancing software should make the functioning card take over, but admits that they have not tested this particular situation. Of course we are talking about a soft crash of the video card, as a hard crash (hardware failure) would probably take down the system. With the Graphics Array technology, just replace the dead card, and you are back in business.

Will newer cards necessitate patches to the software? Alienware says that minor patches may be needed as newer cards come out.

Will the Graphics Array technology be proprietary? Yes, only Alienware systems will have this technology.

How much will all of this cost? The ballpark figure given by Alienware was "around $4000 dollars." Alienware has never aimed at the low-end market, and this product is no exception. The ALX system is for people who want to spend lots of money, and get a great machine.