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Faster and Faster, nForce2: The Latest Boards Put to the Test

Epox EP-8RDA3+, Continued

The extensive package of accessories is another positive feature of this board. In addition to the serial ATA data cables for using the on-board controller, Epox has also thought about the necessary power adapters, which virtually no one else includes. Equally pleasing are the standard IDE cables, where Epox has opted for the 45-cm long, round cables, which are not prone to breaking and do not obstruct the air flow through packed out systems.

Two slots are free beneath the parallel port - presumably for a different version of this motherboard with two D-SUB sockets for dual screen operation.

The digital display is part of the on-board debug system. Numerical codes describe the system state during booting; as a result, fault tracing is a matter of seconds in ideal scenarios.

Keeping those cables neat and tidy: The two power connections are located close to one antoher. Good feature: Epox uses a heat sink without a fan.