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Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 And 660 Review: Kepler At $110 And $230

Benchmark Results: Max Payne 3

The original Max Payne was a high-profile title on the PC, and 2012's release pays homage to its predecessor. Our in-game benchmark captures an intense sequence from Chapter 9, Save 6, where Max escapes a rooftop attack by blowing up a helicopter.

We're using Normal detail settings and enabling SSAO for our first round of testing. Also, MSAA is disabled in order to maintain playable frame rates, though FXAA is set to Normal for some anti-aliasing.

At those settings, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 fares well enough, dipping to 25 FPS just once during an explosion. But AMD's Radeon Radeon HD 7750 does slightly better.

Spending a little more on a card in the GeForce GTX 660 range makes it possible to use Max Payne 3's highest detail settings with 4x MSAA, SSAO, and tessellation set to Normal. Nvidia's hardware pulls ahead, as the GeForce GTX 660 beats AMD's  Radeon HD 7850 and almost reaches the Radeon HD 7870.

Max Payne 3 refuses to run at these settings on graphics cards with less than 2 GB of memory. In some cases, detail levels had to be dropped in order to get the game started.