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Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 And 660 Review: Kepler At $110 And $230

Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 660 (GV-N660OC-2GD)

Gigabyte's GV-N660OC-2GD is almost exactly the same size as Nvidia's reference design. However, a large cooler makes a dramatic impact on the card's appearance. Its $230 MSRP matches up with Nvidia's suggested price for the reference GeForce GTX 660.

Flipping the card over reveals a short PCB that looks similar to the reference design, though it's clearly just a little longer.

The 1033 core and 1098 MHz average GPU Boost clock rates are 53 and 65 MHz higher than Nvidia's official spec, respectively. Like the reference card, 2 GB of GDDR5 RAM operate at 1502 MHz.

Gigabyte's implementation boasts the same pair of dual-link DVI connectors, one HDMI port, and a DisplayPort output. Likewise, it accommodates four independent monitors, three operating in Surround mode.

Though the GV-N660OC-2GD measures 9.25" x 4.5", its PCB is actually 7.25"-long. Nevertheless, the overclocked card's power requirements aren't any different, so one six-pin auxiliary connector is still sufficient.

Gigabyte's Windforce 2X cooler utilizes four 6 mm copper heat pipes and two large 10 mm fans, facilitating effective thermal performance without making much noise.