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Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X

Page Load Time Performance Benchmarks

Like the startup time tests, our page load times have also split into two groups of testing: uncached and cached.

Uncached Page Load Time

Non-cached page load time is taken from browsers with a completely cleared cache and clean history. Non-cached page load time is indicative of the loading time for a page you've never been to before.

Windows 7 Detail View

Mac OS X Detail View

Uncached Page Load Time Composite

This chart displays the average time each Web browser takes to load all nine test Web sites.

When loading brand new pages in Windows 7, it's Google Chrome that takes the lead with an average of 1.5 seconds. Second place is shared by Safari and IE9 at 1.7 seconds. Firefox 9 takes third at just 1.76 seconds, and Opera places last at 1.87 seconds.

The finishing order changes slightly in Mac OS X, though Chrome 16 still manages to hang on to first place. Second place goes to Firefox 9, which again earns nearly the same score as in Windows 7. Apple's Safari takes third on its native platform, while Opera for OS X is the only Web browser to take longer than two seconds, placing last.

Cached Page Load Time

The cached page load time tests are performed with the test pages already fully loaded into the browsers cache and history. Cached page load time is indicative of the loading time you can expect for a page you regularly visit.

Windows 7 Detail View

Mac OS X Detail View

Cached Page Load Time Composite

When loading previously-visited Web pages, Google Chrome again takes the lead in Windows 7 at three-quarters of a second, followed by WebKit cousin Apple Safari at 0.8 seconds. Opera shoots up from fifth place to third for cached pages, loading in around one second. Firefox 9 remains in fourth place with a time of 1.15 seconds. IE9 drops to fifth place from third to finish at nearly 1.5 seconds.

In Mac OS X, Apple Safari barely edges out Chrome for first place (both place under the one-second mark). Firefox takes third at 1.1 seconds, and Opera finishes last at 1.25 seconds.