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Multi-channel RAID for SATA: 3Ware, Highpoint and Raidcore/Broadcom

Test System

Socket 604Dual Intel Pentium 4 Xeon, 2.8 GHz,512 kB cache, FSB533
System components
DDR-SDRAM2x 512 MB PC3200 Samsung, ECC, registered
MotherboardAsus PP-DLW, version 1.03 with PCI-XIntel E7505 Chipset
Graphics cardMatrox G450, 32 MB
Hard drivesSystem drive: Western Digital WD800JBTest drives: RAID-5 array consisting of4x Western Digital WD740 Raptor, 73 GB,10,000 rpm, 8 MB Cacheor12x Hitachi HDS722516VLSA80, 160 GB,7,200 rpm, 8 MB Cache
Controller I3Ware 9500-12S12-port, 128 MB cache w/ ECCFirmware:
Controller IIRaidcore BC4852, 2 controllers used for 12 drive tests8-portFirmware: 1.1.4148.4Driver: ?
Controller IIIHighpoint RocketRAID 1820A8-portFirmware: 1.1Driver: 1.1
Intel chipsetIntel chipset installation utility application accelerator RAID edition, ver. 3.53
OSWindows XP Professional Build 2600Service Pack 1
Benchmarks & Settings
Transfer-performanceBenchmarkc't h2benchw ver. 3.6
Transfer diagramWinbench 99 2.0Disk inspection test
I/O performanceIOMeter 2003.05.10Fileserver benchmark patternWebserver benchmark patternDatabase benchmark patternWorkstation benchmark patternThroughput tests
Application performanceWinbench 99 2.0