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SBM 1: Low Cost System

PC Case: Raidmax Smilodon

We've spent a little time with the Smilodon since our last budget marathon, and we like it even more now. There aren't a lot of cases out there that allow you the option of folding out the motherboard tray for ease of setting up. Our only beef with the case is that when it's used in conjunction with a large CPU cooler - like the Cooler Master HyperTX 2 - there isn't enough clearance to open the motherboard tray. Regardless, the Smilodon is a great case with lots of airflow at a very reasonable budget price of $80.

Power Supply: Fortron Source AX450-PN

Fortron has established a reliable reputation for itself, and we're pleased to once again select its budget-priced AX450-PN power supply for use in our low-cost system. At a low cost of $58, this PSU supplies a total 36 A of 12 V power split between two 12 V rails rated at 18 A each. This is a good companion to the 8800 GTS we've selected for our build.