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Socket 478 Exhausted: Pentium 4 With Dual DDR500 Running At 1000 MHz FSB

OCZ Technology PC4000 Dual Channel Gold

The third producer in this test is OCZ Technologies, which also sells paired and matched modules. The fastest timings at 500 MHz are 2.5-3-4-7- about the same as the competition. OCZ can maintain these timings in dual-channel mode, however. That's certainly worth three cheers.

The configuration failed to produce any clear gains, however, with the difference hovering just above the bounds of an accurate measurement.

Buyers beware: Only the modules labeled "Gold" support these maximum timings. If you're not too much of a stickler, normal PC4000 DIMMs are a good choice - they operate at a max 500 MHz with 3-4-4-8.