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Speedomania: 48x/16x/48x-Burner from LG

Test Setup And Benchmarks

Our test setup uses a PC configured as follows:

Test System
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4 1.9 GHz 256 kB L2 Cache
MotherboardIntel 845 GBV
Memory256 MB DDR400, CL2.5 Kingmax
USB2.0 ControllerNEC uPD720100A
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 64 MB
HarddiskMaxtor 5T040H4 (40 GB)
CD-R/RW-DrivesASUS S520, TDK CRW241040
Network CardD-LinkDFE-530TX PCI 100 MBit
OSWindows XP Pro 5.01.2600 SP1
Benchmarks and Software
Burning SoftwareNero Burning ROM
Packet Writing SWAhead InCD 3.37.0
ToolsNero CD Speed 1.00,Clony XXL,CloneCD
DAEExact Audio Copy 0.9 beta4
Drivers and Settings
Graphics DriverNVIDIA
IDE DriverIntel 82801DB ICH4 4.0.1001.0
ASPI DriverAdaptec 4.71, Ahead 2.0.1
DirectX Version8.1
Resolution1280x1024, 32 Bit, 85 Hz Refresh

For our tests we set each drive up as a master on our computer's second IDE channel.

Read Performance Part I - Data

Pressed CD Read Speeds

THG uses a pressed data CD nearly 74 minutes long (73:21.05 to be exact).

Both drives work in full CAV mode. This means that the CD spins at a constant speed and that the data transfer rate increases steadily as the writer moves from the center toward the outer edge of the CD. Each drive exceeds the promised maximum transfer rates of 48x and 40x.

Original CDAverage Reading SpeedStart Reading SpeedEnd Reading SpeedAccess Times RandomAccess Times 1/3Access Times Full
Liteon LXR24101A30,20X19,52X39,84X97 ms106 ms173 ms
Waitec Frisby II30,92X20,36X40,78X88 ms102 ms174 ms
Yamaha CRW-F1UX31,93X18,65X42,15X127 ms149 ms260 ms
LG GCE-8480B37,04X17,96X49,01X96 ms102 ms171 ms
LG GCE-8400B30,77X15,76X40,65X96 ms108 ms177 ms

The average access time of both drives is decidedly racey at 96 milliseconds, which will save a lot of time when installing software.