Cooler Master Shows Dual-Radiator Seidon 120D Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master is showing off a new type of water cooling radiator at Computex 2013, one that makes up part of the Seidon 120D kit. The Seidon 120D doesn't exactly stick to the ordinary water cooler design the way we know it. Instead of simply slapping a fan onto a radiator, Cooler Master has decided to sandwich a fan between two 120 mm radiators. Traditionally, it was more likely to sandwich a radiator between two fans instead.

With this design Cooler Master aims to greatly improve cooling performance. It claims that this design has the same cooling power as kits with 240 mm radiators, though it will be compatible with a lot more enclosures. It also claims that the fin design is optimized for better airflow, which likely means that the fin density is just lower. We can imagine that a fan sandwiched between two radiators with a very dense fin arrangement will have a lot of trouble moving air.

There was no word on the Seidon 120D's pricing or availability.

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  • solomaniac85
    The Seidon's are nice coolers, hopefully this will be some what of a refresh to them.
  • tinmann
    A 240mm configuration like that with compression fittings and some different type tubing would be really something I'd be interested in. Something expandable.
  • ohyouknow
    Now that is an interesting design. The NH D-14 of closed loops? Physically speaking. Definitely interested in performance but not at the price of the Eisberg series.