Apple to Use AMD Fusion CPUs for New Apple TV?

Last week we heard from iLounge that Apple was prepping a smaller iPad, new iPods and a new iPhone (5?) design. Now we're seeing similar things from another source.

Digitimes, citing work from its own research team, says that Apple will launch a new iPad with the ARM Cortex A9 chip. The current iPad and iPhone uses a Cortex A8 chip, but the A9 will open the door to multiple core configurations. The next iPad will also supposedly receive a memory bump to 512MB, putting it in like with the iPhone 4.

Also coming will be a smaller, 7-inch iPad that will carry the same upgraded hardware specs and the same 1024x768 resolution.

Rumors have also been circulating of a CDMA-equipped iPhone for 2011, and Digitimes thinks that it'll have a metal-backed plate with an integrated antenna. Considering Apple's new deal with Liquidmetal Alloy, the metal-body could be a real thing.

Perhaps most interesting could be the new Apple TV for December, which Digitimes says will be based on an AMD Fusion chip. AMD and Apple have been rumored to be working together, and a standalone product like the Apple TV could be the perfect place to start their relationship.

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    ...metal-backed plate with an integrated antenna

    Another "you're holding it wrong" product?
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  • GO AMD!!!!!!!!!!
  • Smaller iPad with the iPhone OS... sounds like an iPod touch...