Netbook Sales to Decline, Say Makers

The IT industry is full of buzzwords, most notably in the mobile space. We've got laptops, notebooks, ultra-portables, netbooks, MIDs, and more acronyms than you can shake a stick at.

We had the chance to sit down with several manufacturers to speak about the trend for netbooks and similar size portables. Their forecast: netbooks to see a decline going into Q3 of this year. One manufacturer, who makes a famous netbook that many associate for use as hackintoshes, told us that its management even wanted to shift resources back into other business areas such as graphics cards and motherboards.

There's more netbook supply than can be had say the manufacturers. There was a lot of hype and excitement that built up, but eventually we fell into the current economic crisis. Despite the idea that netbooks are cheaper to buy, many users already have regular notebooks that they purchased in the last year to three years. This makes netbooks more of a want than a need for many.

There's no denying that netbooks have the portable appeal, but many industry insiders feel that because of their size, they provide a good long-duration computing experience.

Do you have a notebook and a netbook? Do you feel netbooks are useful?

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  • judeh101
    I knew stuff like this would happen.
    oh well, I actually NEED a netbook, I use it for school everyday, for taking notes, finishing assignments, it's quite useful.
    I'd say "Support Netbooks!"
  • adbat
    Netbook on ion will be very useful - it would be good to see a true dual core processor in them soon.
    Also screen size does not have to be there main feature.
    I do not believe that the sails will fall as long as manufactures and developers will put new features in them 11"-13" screen multi touch track pad and so on.
  • 08nwsula
    if I want a machine to do everything, I use my desktop. If I want something to carry around I might as well save the money and get a netbook then spend more on my home pc.