Windows 10 Creators Update, Pictured

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  • SR-71 Blackbird
    Had to rollback to the previous build , my Graphic drivers were unstable and my wireless adapter wouldn't work.

    Not going to update my machines to this version
  • Paul NZ
    So far so god here after I did a clean install of it.

    Not too worried about what it's got.I probably wont use any of the new features, whatever they are anyway
  • GumbyGreen88
    Complete waste.
  • mavikt
    Funny how they bloated Win10, only to introduce Game mode to give you back resources that shouldn't have been occupied in the first place...
  • Nintendork
    The UI is so damn boring. Stick to Win7 and aero.
  • derekullo
    Microsoft Edge is the #1 browser used to download Chrome on Windows 10!
  • firefoxx04
    So glad I switched to Debian. I run Windows 7 inside KVM with a GPU passed through for gaming.

    Windows 10 is so far behind. Its unnecessary bloat is very evident when you switch to a decent Linux distribution. Debian 9 (Not even a stable release yet) has been absolutely flawless on my hardware. All my Windows only stuff runs inside a VM that performs natively (I have before and after benchmarks).

    Basically, if I dont have to run it on Windows, I wont. Garbage OS. Windows Server 2016 is just as bad, which is scary. Deploying it for production use is just painful.
  • hannibal
    New version is working like a charm!
    If you need Linux, go for it. If you have compatible PC and want to also play games, Go for win10. Both have merits, very different though...
  • SR-71 Blackbird
    So far I've answered 3 threads with graphic issues like I had , hopefully it's isolated.
  • maddogfargo
    So basically what I'm reading here is that I JUST got Windows 10 setup the way I want it to run on MY PC, and now Microsoft is going to f--k with it again. >.<

    That 'more of the same' manipulative updating is not good for customers, and in the long run it will not be good for Microsoft either. They as a whole are in complete denial about Windows 10.

    If this breaks ANYTHING on my setup...AGAIN...I'm going to something else...anything else.
  • SR-71 Blackbird
    Others updates were fine for my machines , this one has too many issues on my setups , skipping it.
  • GumbyGreen88
    As I stated above, this new Windows update is a complete waste. However, y'all make it out that Windows 10 sucks in general. Windows 10 is the best. All I'm saying is that an update that does nothing is a complete waste.
  • elbert
    I updated my laptop finally from windows 8.1. I have to admit windows 10 is a bit less crappy. Granted I still like my windows 7 gaming rig better.
  • SpaceWeasel
    Great build! Very stable. You can tell Microsoft put a lot of work into it. Little things like legacy printer drivers working, after setup. Great job!
  • Aveeux
    I get problem BSOD 0xc0000009. I got it the first time of the update, managed to fix it, then tried to update it again, then still the same result. I'm back with 1607 right now.
  • BenJaD
    Have been burdened and frustrated by this update. MS has mucked with much of what I liked about 10 - and has me looking at Ubuntu in a serious fashion. My gripes:
    Edge is an enormous pile of male bovine excrement! I made an effort to use it. When did it become a feature to have tabs that consume screen real estate? Even if you 'hide' them - the claimed space remains and has no tabs displayed at all.
    IE has been seriously buggered - I experience numerous sites that are 'not responding' and require a reload - only to find that the last page viewed is not presented; in the main. Rather what I receive is the home page of the site. After much frustration - I opted to use Firefox. No bleeping way - even after updating to the latest version available - Firefox was never able to load a page! If that was not done deliberately - MS needs to fix it yesterday!
    I am one of the fast trackers on 10 - from the earliest days of the OS. After a month or so with the fast track - and 10 became available as a free update, I updated two other machines to 10. In the beginning I was most comfortable with the OS - and then MS began to 'improve' it. In my opinion the only entity for whom it was improved was MS - users were greeted with yet another intrusion into our spaces and hounded to use MS specific apps. After many generations of CPUs going back to the original IBM PC - I am pretty set in the apps I use - to date anything I have tried on the app store I have turned to Revo and uninstalled it - hard to believe that MS loads so much --- ---- in the registry and ignores it when one uses MS program remove tools.
    Oh, and Game bar - Windows +G does nothing - I managed to find my way there through settings (I think) and saw no reason to go back there again.
    And that is what I think today!
  • sheriff12
    This update is useless. Half of my programs wouldn't even load after I installed the update. Went back to previous version.
  • gmgj
    Not much for the Business User. Okay, nothing for the Business Users. I lose most of my sleep from the aggravation of working around Microsoft Bugs. Tidbits, FileHistory is not setup to restore to another PC. Your can get to the files, but you will have to select that latest and remove the embedded datestamp. Windows update does not update apps. Check you store settings to make sure they are auto updated. I am not sure when they are auto updated, sometimes when you go to the store, it will show you updates, clear as mud. Got Windows Spotlight to work, again. The PBS lockscreen app does not go away by itself, uninstalled everything PBS, downloaded spotbirght, changed the lock screen to be a picture and chose another pic, not the PBS one, and then enabled spotlight and it worked. Okay, I forgot the part where I restarted like 10 times, but you guys now windows, so that was implied, Right? The DVD player stopped working. Was there any notice, no. But if you go and do a standalone download of a new version of windows, it says, address a known issue causing DVD player not to work
  • billcomputer
    So you are not going to install this version as whatever will not run on it, Great! Just how do you plan to keep from forcing the update?
  • NatGarrison
    I still us my seven year old, first generation i7, Windows 7 computer when I need to use my QuickBooks. 95% of the time I'm using a 10 year old Core 2 Quad computer that I recently replaced the old mechanical hard disk drive in it with a 128 GB SSD and loaded Red Hat's Fedora 25 with the cinnamon GUI. I like the Thunderbird much better than the Outlook that I used to use and also I love LibreOffice. I can access and use all of my old Word and Excel files stored on my Windows 2008 R2 Server. When it becomes time to replace the 2008 R2 Server I will set up a much cheaper FreeNAS one. I'm slowly saying goodbye to anything Microsoft.