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Enermax Pro87+ 500 W: Measurements

Bang For Your Buck: Four 500 W Power Supplies Reviewed
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency in accordance with the 80 PLUS specification:

Efficiency under different load profiles:

It becomes clear during testing that Enermax has earned its 80 PLUS Gold certification. We saw impressive results in the 87% to 91% range in our energy efficiency measurements, both at 115 as well as 230 volts. This very solid showing was confirmed in other load measurements, with efficiency falling somewhat only at very low power loads. The overload test shows that Enermax's Pro87+ still has plenty of reserves. Even with an overload of more than 20% of the power supply's stated output, it still provides stable voltages. A small weakness was revealed when testing the hold-up time, though. Here, the power supply even falls short of the ATX specification requirements. This is an unnecessary drawback given the otherwise very high quality.

In the sub-$150 price class, the Enermax Pro87+ is a genuine highlight. The high energy efficiency under mid- and full-power loads qualifies the power supply for use in rather high-end PC systems. The Enermax Pro87+ is less suitable only for very low-power computers, as the energy efficiency diminishes under very light loads. However, for such PCs, this PSU would be overkill, anyway.

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