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Hard Drive Performance: H2benchw

790i Ultra SLI Motherboards Compared

We tested the eSATA controller of all but one 790i Ultra SLI motherboard for RAID 0 performance, comparing it to the 790i Ultra SLI’s integrated controller, as well as that of Intel’s X48 chipset. The XFX nForce 790i Ultra’s third-party eSATA controller wasn’t tested, since it lacked RAID support. The board was instead chosen for NVRAID testing, though.

JMicron’s JMB363 finished both first and last in access time, depending on motherboard implementation; JMicron’s simpler JMB362 also tied for first on the unnamed mystery board. Interestingly, Nvidia’s and Intel’s integrated controllers provided the same performance here.

Drive interface bandwidth was also a dead heat, with the Intel integrated controller only slightly behind.

The 790i mystery motherboard continued its slight bandwidth lead across all read tests, while Intel’s minimum speed dragged it to the bottom of the chart.

What we said about reads also applied to writes, but notice Nvidia’s integrated controller also lagging.

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