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Benchmark Results: Thermal And Acoustic Performance

Thermalright's Shaman VGA Cooler: The Quiet Giant?

Thermalright's Shaman sails past the competition by a large margin when it comes to our thermal measurement. Simply put, the Shaman offers twice the performance of the stock cooler, and bests excellent aftermarket options by at least 10 degrees Celsius.

These are unquestionably impressive results, and Shaman's raw cooling ability can not be denied. Having said that, ultimate cooling performance isn't nearly as meaningful if the accompanying acoustics leave you deaf. Let's check out the noise performance next.

The Shaman not only delivers superior cooling capacity, but it does so quietly. The huge 140 mm fan doesn't need to spin quickly to push a significant amount of air through the large cooler, and as a result the near silence doesn't require a compromise in thermal performance.

To be fair, the other aftermarket coolers are plenty quiet, but the Shaman simply raises the bar.

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