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Output: Dual-Monitor, HDMI, Up To 4 Monitors

AMD's New 780G Chipset Has Powerful GPU

AMD's 780G and 780V chipsets are the first on-board graphics solutions to offer dual-monitor support. If the 780G/V board is equipped with a DVI or HDMI connector in addition to the conventional VGA output, the board can drive two displays.

An HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable.

If the only digital output present on the board is an HDMI interface, you can still use your TFT via an adapter or an HDMI-DVI converter cable. This will not have any impact on the HDCP copy protection used on HD-DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

Gigabyte also equips its board with a DVI connector

The Gigabyte board came equipped with a DVI output as well as an HDMI connector. Since these two outputs use the same source, connecting two digital displays is not possible.

Choosing between HDMI and DVI in the BIOS

When equipped with a hybrid-enabled ATI graphics card, the system can drive up to four monitors, with the add-in card providing connectivity for the additional two displays. Depending on the manufacturer, a typical add-in card will either sport two DVI ports or one DVI and one VGA connector.

ATI's HD3450 features both a VGA and a DVI connector
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