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Benchmark Results: A/V Encoding

AMD Unleashed: Four CPUs, Two GPUs, All Overclocked

Audio and Video Encoding

More than two processor cores don’t seem to offer any advantage in either of the audio-encoding applications. The higher the CPU clock speeds, the lower the time it takes to encode our 53 minute wave file to an .aac or .mp3 format. 

DivX responds well to the number of processor cores you throw at it. The quad-core Phenom X4 9950 BE is able to easily beat out the triple-core Phenom II X3 720 BE. 

The Xvid encoder doesn’t benefit beyond two cores. Both Phenom II processors lead the pack, while the Athlon 7750 and Phenom 9950 rank according to CPU core speed.

Here we see a complete turn-around from the audio encoding suite, as MainConcept completion time is clearly lowered by additional processing cores. The dual-core Athlon 7750 simply looks slow compared to the other three processors. 

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