How To Assemble The Ultimate Toolbox

A Look Inside The Bottom

The bottom tray is a little bit bigger than the top tray, but it is of the same design. Being a little deeper, there is capacity for more stuff in the bottom tray.

Located in the bottom half of the MasterCart unit is the bottom tray. The bottom tray uses the same type of design and format that the top tray does. The bottom tray, however, is a little deeper than the top one. Contained in the bottom tray are tools that I do not use on a regular basis; however, they are important tools that I use for more specialized situations. In the bottom tray you will find the following: crimpers, punch down tool, scissors, wire tie gun, soldering iron, small drywall saw, 6-in-1 scraper, small hammer, can of compressed air, and a small torpedo level.

As you can see, the tools in the bottom tray have a common theme of networking. These are some of the tools that are required if you are installing or maintaining computer networks. The 6-in-1 scraper tool is also very handy for installing and removing stubborn heat sinks. Beyond that, these tools are some of the more expensive and exotic tools that are optional in a toolbox, depending on the type of work you regularly do.

The bottom base bin is home to many of the replacement items that I normally carry with me. In addition, I also carry my floppy disks and CD-ROMs that have much of the required software to cover just about any task.

The final bottom bin of the MasterCart is where much of the replacement items, as well as my regular software items, are located. Although it might appear to be cluttered, it really isn't when you consider the ample size of the bottom bin of the MasterCart.

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