Attack Out Of The Blind Spot: Matrox Parhelia-512

Maximum Quality: Anisotropic + Anti-Aliasing

In the last section of the quality comparison, the focus is on maximum possible image quality, which means anti-aliasing plus antisotropic filtering.

Click here for an uncompressed version of the screenshot.

Parhelia makes a very good impression here. Unfortunately, the ground texture is still a bit unclear, which is evident when compared to NVIDIA's GeForce 4.

Click here for an uncompressed version of the screenshot.

The quality of the textures is much better with the GeForce 4. Surprisingly, there's very little difference between Quincunx and 4x.

Parhelia is better at anti-aliasing, while GeForce 4 offers the better texture filtering. We won't attempt to say which aspect holds more weight in an evaluation - this is best determined for yourself. Don't forget, however, that, in practice, you seldom take a close look at the individual parts of the scene when a game is running.

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