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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2013: $650 Gaming PC

Adobe Creative Suite

Going in, we already know that many of the applications in Adobe's Creative Suite are very resource-intensive, meaning the dual-core Core i3 is going to get punished. 

And sure enough, we see in Photoshop that our threaded benchmark (in red) gives last quarter's PC a massive advantage. Running the OpenCL-accelerated workload evens the field a bit, though the previous machine's CPU helps maintain its lead in that test, too.

There's no such equalizing factor in Premiere. Our render workload leans hard on available processing power, and while last quarter's build had it, our current effort doesn't.

Overclocking bolsters last quarter’s rig by 12% in After Effects, while this quarter’s frequency-locked rig trails by roughly the same amount.

Last quarter’s stock configuration is slower than we'd expect in Acrobat X, even if loads may have somehow pinned its Core i5 processor at its base frequency.

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