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Supreme Commander, UT3, Warhammer

$500 Gaming PC: Day 2, Testing & Analysis

The $500 Gaming PC isn’t playable at all in Supreme Commander at stock speeds, yet it supports relatively smooth FPS at all resolutions when overclocked. Yet the stock speed System Builder Marathon PC still edges it out overall.

Turning up the graphics quality in Supreme Commander gives the higher-priced System Builder Marathon PC a commanding lead. Given the view angle for this game genre, players might be able to tolerate the low frame rates of the overclocked $500 gamer at resolutions up to perhaps 1680x1050, but its stock-speed results are abysmal.

All configurations for both systems were playable at every resolution in Unreal Tournament 3, if barely for the stock-speed $500 Gaming PC.

Clock Speed is King in Warhammer Mark Of Chaos, where the overclocked $500 Gaming PC is playable at all resolutions while other configurations struggle.

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