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Now That's Different: Power Adapters

Eurocom Panther 5D Notebook Review: Faster Than Your Desktop

Power can be supplied to the Panther 5D in different ways. As mentioned, Eurocom's default configuration is a single 300 W AC adapter. However, as you add higher-end hardware to the machine, it can quickly be made to need more than that. Our sample came with a pair of 330 W power supplies, each connected through a converter box that is in turn attached to the notebook. Of course, this is more complex than most other laptops, but it's the only way to get 660 W into the Panther 5D.

Each adapter is a 330 W Delta unit.

Compared to the 240 W Flextronic power adapters common on many Dell and Alienware machines, the 330 W version on the left is almost twice as thick.

At least its footprint is roughly the same.

Each 330 W adapter plugs into the converter box. The status of each attached power supply is displayed via LEDs on the top of the converter box.

This is what the converter box looks like with both power adapters connected.

And here are the two plugs for the adapters on the converter.

The converter feeds into the chassis' single input.

Here is how the connection to the machine usually looks. With all of the fans for the Panther 5D exhausting to the rear of the unit, it is best to keep the area behind the system clear.

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