Eurocom Panther 5D Notebook Review: Faster Than Your Desktop

Results: Tomb Raider, Total War: Shogun 2, And WoW: Mists Of Pandaria

Tomb Raider

The built-in benchmark for Tomb Raider shows that the Eurocom Panther 5D leverages SLI to remain far ahead at every resolution. Alienware's single GeForce GTX 680M falls shy of an average 30 FPS at the Ultimate preset; you'd probably want to drop back to High for an optimal experience. Meanwhile, the MSI’s overclocked GeForce GTX 780M manages a more comfortable 42 FPS at 1920x1080. That's probably good enough to enjoy the TressFX option at Ultimate, though you could certainly drop to Ultra and still get great visuals.

Total War: Shogun 2

None of these machines have any problems playing Shogun 2 at its highest settings. What's more, we get a good sense of how the GeForce GTX 680M, factory-overclocked 780M, and two 680Ms in SLI scale.

Disabling anti-aliasing yields a massive performance increase for the single-GPU configurations. Two 680Ms in SLI don't get as much of a boost. Then again, it wasn't really needed; the first graph showed Eurocom's Panther 5D to be plenty playable.

Dropping to 720p relieves enough of the graphics workload that the factory-overclocked 780M in MSI's GT70 almost catches Eurocom's more potent SLI-enabled platform. That's a platform bottleneck for you.

World Of Warcraft: Mist Of Pandaria

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria offers a lush expansion with detailed new worlds. One of the most demanding sections of the game is in Honeydew Village. Placing a character directly in-between the guards of the entrance to the city when it’s raining in-game, then panning the camera just above the grassy hill beside them brings a very high number of moving objects into view. It is one of the worst-case scenarios that we’ve found in the game.

There are a ton of moving components in our test sequence. Each machine delivers excellent frame rates, with only the Eurocom platform showing signs of an outright processor bottleneck.

The best-looking settings are plenty playable, so there's no real reason to drop to Blizzard's High preset. If you do, however, performance shoots up palpably. The Panther 5D is again processor-bound, of course.

Once again, the Panther 5D's SLI setup is bottlenecked. It takes a GeForce GTX 780M to cause Intel's fastest Haswell-based mobile processor to show up as limiter in this game. The lower-end GeForce GTX 680M in Alienware's M18x still scales when it's paired to an Ivy Bridge-based CPU.

In all of our gaming tests, the Panther 5D solidly outperforms the other two notebooks with one GPU and mobile processors. The fact that several of the games we tested were CPU-bound, even backed by a six-core desktop CPU, demonstrates the Panther 5D's advantage over other mobile platforms. Really, you'd need to hook this thing up to a QHD or larger display to tax its graphics subsystem.

  • vmem
    I want the satisfaction of just dropping this monster on someone's desk, and say

    "personal server: DEPLOY!"
  • coffeecoffee
    Great for individuals that moves around often (i.e LAN parties, get togethers, etc) IF the hardware can be kept cool AND if the fan doesn't sound like a space rocket taking off. However, one will need a deep pocket to afford something like this.

    @vmem "Personal Server: Please insert Credit Card to continue! $_$"
  • Razerium
    Sure it's better than my desktop, but it's also three times more expensive!
  • f-14
    now this is how you're meant to play crisis 1-2-3 right by any one with an iMac.

    the main people i can see needing this bad boy is division commanders on a battlefield as well as NSA hackers and CIA spies and Drone operators
  • airplanegeek
    you guys didn't review the sound volume :(
    but what i really wanted to see was the effects of ocing the gtx 680Ms :P
  • 16bit
    Great article. Puts my 17.3 inch laptop to shame.

    Finally I can have high end desktop performance on the go.
  • palladin9479
    I once had a Desktop Replacement laptop, huge monster that required a large AC adapter, was loud and heavy. These things are NOT portable, they are heavy to lug around and completely impractical for mobility. They are for people who, for whatever reason, do not want a desktop +monitor at their house. These are just desktops that are easier to transport around.
  • belardo
    This seems more for bragging rights. Sure some people will NEED this... For a portable gaming system with 3 power-bricks, etc... why not get customized AIO? Or simply brink a small (SFF) case with keyboard and 20" display which would weight less? If you're gaming anyway - you'll need a mouse. The keyboard looks crappy, the numeric keypad is up against the main keys.

    Lets see, a SFF setup parts:
    PC: 5 = SFF-PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor, 2 power cords.
    5D: 7 = 5D Panther, Mouse, 2 power cords, 3 power bricks/converter.

    In return, you get a much better keyboard... then when broken, its a $10~150 replacement...
  • Avus
    It may be fast, but it sure look ugly. If i compare this notebook to a car, it will be a Mitsuoka Orochi.
  • zodiacfml
    awesome photography. i enjoyed looking at the parts.