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Eurocom Panther 5D Notebook Review: Faster Than Your Desktop

Size Comparison: ...To Guitars?

The whole idea behind Eurocom's Panther 5D is uncompromising performance. As a guitarist, I understand this idea in terms of uncompromised tone. There are many guitars that are less heavy and bulky than a Gibson Les Paul, but for me, the sound of the guitar is worth the extra effort required to play it for a couple of hours during a show. To many, the performance is all that matters.

I have two reasons for including size comparisons between the Panther 5D and guitars. First, it may be easier to see one of the these guitars in person than it would be to run across a Eurocom Panther or one of the comparison notebooks. Second, we see parallels between not sacrificing performance for something a little easier to carry around. As a bonus, comparing guitars to a notebook computer is a weird enough idea to have fun with.

We are not trying to endorse or recommend any of these guitars. They are simply the tools that the author owns and uses to make music.

Compared to a Fender Nashville American B-Bender Tele, the Panther 5D is a little thicker. The metal B-Bender system adds extra weight to the Tele, but with that weight comes new options for playing music.

With Eurocom's notebook placed next to a late 60s Gibson Les Paul Custom, the thickness is close to the same. The weight of the guitar is close to the Panther 5D.

The thickness of a mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Standard body looks very close to the Panther 5D. Once you add the hardware though, the guitar is thicker.

Moving up to a Mid 80s Gibson ES-175, the Panther 5D is finally dwarfed by a larger guitar. The ES-175 is subject to several trade-offs like a large body and susceptibility to feedback at high volumes. Then again, the ES-175 can produce some amazing tones that are worth the effort.