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Measuring Temperatures Inside A Closed Case

PowerColor's SCS3 HD6850: Radeon HD 6850 Goes Fanless
By , Greg Ryder

The blue bar once again shows the card's performance when it's aided by a fan. By the way, the resulting acoustic performance outclasses all of the other cooling solutions tested. But we're jumping ahead; this will be explored in more depth on the next page. First, we want to see how the card does mounted inside several different enclosures (see the yellow bars).

Mounting the card into a small cube case is first and foremost a question of whether it will fit at all. But even in such a small chassis the card benefits from airflow, however minimal, and doesn’t shut down or crash, even at simulated full load. The larger the case volume and the faster the airflow, the better this card is cooled, naturally.

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