Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review

Swiftech MC462: Best Cooling Ability For Overclocking, Continued

The Swiftech MC462 is intricately made:The aluminium fins are pressed into the copper plate - a giant fan ensures powerful air flow.

The intricate, well-made cooler also has one distinct weakness: Because of its high power requirement, it cannot be attached to the strip on the motherboard. A cable connected directly to the power supply unit supplies the power.

This creates the following problem on many boards: Boards that evaluate the rpm signal of the CPU strip (fan connection) will not even boot because a fan is not connected. This function cannot be deactivated in BIOS either because it is controlled directly by the chipset. A small fan or fixed resistor will remedy this situation. To sum it up, the Swiftech MC 462 is first choice for friends of extreme overclocking and users of fast processors upwards of 1000 MHz.

The Swiftech cooler clearly towers over the processor socket. The high quality of this product is particularly impressive.
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