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A Tough Choice: DivX 3.20a Codec Still Better Than DivX 4.01 Codec

MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1: Almost DVD Quality

The old DivX 3.20a codec still offers the best video quality.

Limited options for settings with DivX 3.20a codec.

Before starting to encode a movie, the optimum video and audio data rate should be set. Make no compromises on the video resolution: Full PAL or NTSC resolution is a must . Finally, the days of wobbly sequences in postage-stamp size are over. A good balance between video quality and data rate at full PAL or NTSC resolutions can be achieved if the video data stream is set at a maximum of 1500 kBit/s. For the DivX 3.20a codec this means that at 187.5 kB/s of video, about 67 minutes fit on a CD-ROM - although still without an audio signal. With an audio portion (data flow audio+video at 203.5 kB/s), assuming a constant data rate, about 62 minutes of high-quality film fit on a CD with 735 MB of capacity. Skimping on the data rate of the audio signal is also not advisable. Stereo sound with 128 kBit/s at a 44.1 kHz sample rate provide sound that is comparable with that of an audio CD.

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    maalig , November 11, 2010 12:36 PM
    Which is the best option for a dual display? Dual View, Homogeneous adapter or the heterogeneous adapter?