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Badaboom Brings It

CUDA-Enabled Apps: Measuring Mainstream GPU Performance

By now, you know that transcoding and encoding with CUDA can be a lot faster than without it. Case closed. With Badaboom, since there’s no option to disable CUDA acceleration, we wanted to take a closer look at how the two GPUs we used compare against each other. 

Well, OK, we did sneak in one outside test. You’ll notice that the Pirates 2 trailer transcoded in 28 seconds on the 9600 GT. The same operation took 44 seconds using the non-CUDA-fied transcoder, iPodifier 1.5. Because the output profiles aren’t exact matches, we’re not going to burn much time on this comparison, but it at least indicates that you can expect to shave 30% or more off of your transcode times by switching to a CUDA app like Badaboom.

As you can see, we did four tests with Badaboom, two with the Pirates 2 trailer, one in low-def and the other in HD. We threw the Get Out! clip at an iPod nano profile. Then we took a 4.26 GB collection of VOB files from a single DVD rip and had Badaboom compile them into a single high-quality MPEG-4 file.

With the low-def transcode for Pirates 2, the 9800 GTX delivers a 17% advantage. For the high-def transcode, we jump to a 50% delta. With the Get Out! clip, we see a 56% jump with the 9800 GTX. And for our VOB transcode, check out the 75% trouncing the 9800 GTX hands to the 9600 GT.

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