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Benchmarks: Avatar

Comparison: Factory-Overclocked Versus Reference Graphics

Avatar is a 3D shooter that takes you to the movie’s planet Pandora. Here you have to collect experience points and steer vehicles. The game is based on the Dunia engine, like Far Cry 2, and creates impressive DirectX 10 effects. In addition, there is support for Havok’s physics engine, which was implemented for the planet’s flora--check it out by shooting at leaves or by walking over them.

We set the graphics options to ultra high quality, which also turns up texture filtering. This global setting remains and modifying the resolution only impacts anti-aliasing. We benchmarked at up to 8x anti-aliasing; at 1920x1200 this requires more than 512 MB of video memory.

Our test scene usually shows medium frame rates. Explosions and fire may noticeably reduce performance. The graphics boards are between 85 and 100% GPU load. One CPU core is between 52 and 68% load; the others typically between 25 and 43%.

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