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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $600 Gaming PC

Our Photoshop workload is heavily threaded, so it's really no surprise that the time it takes to complete this workload is slashed by this quarter's Core i5.

We actually run a couple of different tests in Photoshop, though. The second one should see significant speed-up from OpenCL acceleration, and involves a completely different workload. Clearly, overclocking helps our $600 machine shed some time from its score. 

It's possible that OpenCL wasn't turned on last quarter, but at least we have a good point of comparison as we start thinking about next quarter's hardware wish lists.

Premiere Pro CS6 enjoys a massive performance boost from the Core i5's additional processing resources.

Acrobat X, another single-threaded test in our suite, doesn't see as much of a speed-up due to our adoption of a quad-core CPU.

Meanwhile, After Effects falls in the middle. We know it's threaded, but is likely being held back somewhat by our relatively small 4 GB memory kit.

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