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Noise Comparison Videos

Radeon HD 7950 3 GB: Six Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed

Since everybody experiences noise differently, and a quiet, high-pitched sound can be harder to tolerate than a loud, low hum, we have provided videos including the noise of every card under full load. The relative loudness of the audio has been preserved, so the videos can be used to compare the cards directly.

Acoustic Performance After 10 minutes of GPGPU Compute (Bitmining)

HIS HD 7950 Fan (Referenz)

HS 7950 IceQ Turbo

Sapphire 7950 OC

Asus 7950 DirectCUII

MSI 7950 TwinFrozr II

PowerColor 7950 PCS

Similar to what we found in our measurements, PowerColor's HD 7950 PCS, Asus' HD 7950 DirectCU II, and HIS' HD 7950 IceQ Turbo provide the best noise characteristics.

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