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Status Indicators

Is On-The-Go Storage Ready for Primetime?

The three status LEDs are mounted on the top surface of the N1050, resulting in better visibility than with the Infosafe device. These LEDs are labeled as follows: "Power/Copy," "Err" and "Full," while the Power/Copy LED flickers to indicate disk access, and remains illuminated as long as the device is powered up. However, there is not an LED that indicates when the data transfer process has concluded. As with the Infosafe device, the "Err" and "Full" LEDs provide visual notification when the drive fills up, or when a disk error occurs.

Black, shiny and sleek.

The front panel on the device includes an on/off switch for the USB host function of this enclosure. When this function is turned off, the Thecus YES N1050 acts like any other conventional external USB drive. This function must, however, be enabled for the Thecus OTG device to copy the files on a USB device plugged into its interface.

Despite its plastic shell, the N1050 is solid and suitable for everyday use.

The drive sits, fits and stays put.
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