Is On-The-Go Storage Ready for Primetime?

Thecus Yes Nano N1050

A Choice Among Multiple Colors

According to the vendor Website, the Thecus nano N1050 is available in three colors: red, white and black. The device we tested was shiny and black and it made a good impression. The retail packaging includes a USB cable plus a carrying sleeve. This latter item makes good sense because the exterior of this enclosure is entirely made of plastic that would be easy to scratch if not protected somehow. All the connectors and LEDs remain accessible, even when the device is in its sleeve. You will also find a USB type-A to type-A cable packaged with the N1050, as well as a USB cable for power delivery. This latter cable has a type-A USB connector on one end and a typical round power connector on the other, like a typical external power supply would have.

All connectors and indicators remain accessible even when the device is in its sleeve.

The retail packaging for the Thecus YES nano N1050

This power cable only comes into play when the device is attached to a PC and can't get enough power through the USB bus. In that case, it's necessary to use an external power supply or a second USB connection to deliver extra power (the power supply-like round connector plugs into the N1050, and the type A end plugs into the PC).

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