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Benchmark Results: Tropics, Sanctuary, And Lightsmark

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Lucid Lynx Benchmarked And Reviewed

After the unexpected findings in Heaven, we re-ran all of the graphics-intensive benchmarks under Lucid with desktop effects disabled. We left the 195.36.15 Nvidia driver installed, since the upgrade to 195.36.24 proved marginal. Manually installing the latest Nvidia driver is also a major pain, and not something easily accomplished for someone new to Linux. Disabling Desktop Effects (DE), on the other hand, is as simple as changing the desktop wallpaper or theme.

UNiGiNE Tropics

UNiGiNE Tropics was run with full 16x anisotropy at a resolution of 1280x1024.

Ubuntu 10.04 gets eviscerated by 8.04 to the tune of 20 FPS. That gap was all but closed when Lucid ran with desktop effects disabled. Essentially, Tropics is a draw when you look at apples to apples.

UNiGiNE Sanctuary

Sanctuary was run with full 16x anisotropy at a resolution of 1280x1024.

Lucid is again owned by the older LTS release. But again, the difference was minimized when desktop effects were disabled, leaving Hardy with a three FPS lead.

Lightsmark 2008

This one is puzzling. Hardy still kills Lucid, even with desktop effects disabled.

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