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Expensive, But Worth It

The Ultimate Mouse Hunt

Obviously we can only come to one conclusion - what you should buy is either the Logitech G5 or the G7. They're by far the best mice currently on the market for games, graphics work or any other activity on a PC. But they are very expensive. If you only play games occasionally and you're on a tight budget, the Microsoft Comfort 3000 is a viable alternative. Gamers without deep pockets can fall back on the Logitech MX 518 or Razer Diamondback, or the Saitek Gaming Mouse if you're really broke.

But this article is only the first round, since we're expecting the Razer Copperhead, which uses the same sensor as the Logitech G mice, and the Genius laser, which also reportedly uses it, at any time now. And we're also impatiently awaiting the first laser mice from Microsoft.

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