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Adapting Hardware

Windows In Your Pocket

To make Bart PE work on your PC, there are a few additional tweaks you must make to load the network interface and a DSL (or other Internet) connection.

Configure A DSL Connection

Configuring DSL: Enter your user name and password for access

If you want to use Bart PE to access the Internet, you must activate the freeware PPPoE plug-in and configure it for your DSL connection. Create a folder named "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin\pppoe_xp and extract the contents of the (Freeware) into that folder. To establish a PPoE connection, after you boot Bart PE you must also start the Network service and the PPoE service. Select "New Connect..." from the available options, accept the connection name you're granted, then provide your username and password as prompted.

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