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Graphics Cards


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.


Nvidia is in the process of rolling out its GeForce GTX 800M-series graphics modules. Despite the new name, we're still looking at GK104-based GPUs. One thing is for sure, though: the processor is running...


We spent our weekend benchmarking the sharp-looking iBuyPower Erebus loaded with a pair of Radeon R9 295X2 graphics cards. Do the new boards fare better than the quad-GPU configurations we've tested before, or...

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news - APRIL 23 17

Sadly, it seems we also won't be seeing any 20 nm GPUs from AMD this year either.

Tutorial - APRIL 21

Hi everyone on Tom's! Mostly, we see PC builds centred on US markets, and since the general budget of those people is higher than Indian...

news - APRIL 23 16

Asus' ROG Striker GTX 760 Platinum 4 GB is set to hit shelves soon.

news - APRIL 21 11

VisionTek's CryoVenom R9 290LE has pretty packaging.

news - APRIL 19 24

Based on the reference design, HIS claims the R9 295X2 graphics card "is the world's fastest graphics card engineered for ultimate performance."

news - APRIL 17 8

Nvidia's new driver fixes a rather crucial problem for some very lucky users.

news - APRIL 16 4

Gigabyte has bundled a WindForce cooler with one of its GTX Titan Black graphics cards.

news - APRIL 16 2

If you're having issues with your MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning, this might be worth a read.

reviews - APRIL 16 36

Judging from the R9 290X Lightning's hefty build, it takes a lot of metal to cool the Hawaii GPU properly. But what does this massive card give you aside from sharp looks? How about impressive acoustics? Is its...

news - APRIL 16 7

EKWB's water block for the GTX 780 (Ti) WindForce 3X from Gigabyte has finally arrived.

news - APRIL 14 15

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will support AMD's Mantle API.

news - APRIL 14 25

HIS' new graphics card will suite a Picasso themed PC quite well.

reviews - APRIL 14 39

SPECviewperf 12 sets out to be the standard for evaluating workstation graphics cards by including the latest professional applications, more complex models, and synthetic workloads pulled from important market...

news - APRIL 11 37

Details have been leaked about the upcoming GTX 880 graphics card from Nvidia, though we're not sure how much of it we're supposed to believe.

news - APRIL 11 24

Rumor has it that VESA has accepted AMD's proposal to implement FreeSync.

reviews - APRIL 11 1183

This month's update covers a number of drops in mid- and high-end Radeon prices, in some cases bringing these products back to competitive levels. In addition, we have a new low-budget recommendation. And...

news - APRIL 8 5

You can now liquid cool MSI's R9 290X Lightning with a water block from EKWB.

reviews - APRIL 8 117

“Do you have what it takes?” AMD asks, purportedly referring to the big budget and beefy power supply you need before buying its new Radeon R9 295X2. We benchmark the 500 W, dual-GPU beast against several...

news - APRIL 7 11

This is Evga's little trick to get an ACX cooler onto your GTX Titan Black.

news - APRIL 7 18

There you have it: The R9 295X2 in all its glory, along with men in suits.