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Graphics Cards


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.


MSI’s GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2G has the largest cooler and biggest fans of the GTX 960 cards we’ve tested so far, but does it perform any better?


Can AMD's complex Fiji GPU, groundbreaking memory tech and closed-loop cooler generate enough performance to usurp Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti?

Graphics Cards on the Community

Graphics Cards experts answer your questions

news - JULY 30 14

Vince "K|NGP|N" Lucido has set three new single-card 3DMark world records using the graphics card he co-developed with EVGA, the GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n Edition.

Tutorial - JULY 25

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the heart of a PC. It pumps fresh electricity to expensive components like the GPU, CPU and many more. It is common...

news - JULY 29 17

Along with the release of Windows 10, both AMD and Nvidia have released updated graphics drivers to ensure compatibility for your hardware on day one.

news - JULY 22 27

The Tom's Hardware G-Sync vs FreeSync event was filled with gaming, prize giveaways, VR demos, and a Project Quantum (AMD) sighting. Oh! And the main event itself, of course.

news - JULY 21 30

Last week some pictures of the upcoming K|NGP|N GTX 980 Ti were revealed on the Kingpin cooling forum by the K|NGP|N himself. Now EVGA has revealed the pricing and when these highly anticipated cards will be...

news - JULY 14 6

It's time for a little more Fury with PowerColor's R9 Fury joining the graphics card fray.

news - JULY 13 29

The upcoming EVGA GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N edition images have been revealed. There is no word on a release date, nor do we have any details, but in the meantime you can drool over that heatsink.

news - JULY 10 10

The embargo has lifted on AMD's highly anticipated R9 Radeon Fury. We have some details about Asus' version of the new GPU.

news - JULY 8 34

With Windows 10 set to launch at the end of the month, AMD is getting a head start by releasing version 15.7 of its Catalyst Software suite, which features support for AMD's latest technologies and Microsoft's...

news - JULY 7 8

EKWB's EK-FC R9 Fury X is a water block for the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X.

news - JULY 7 46

AMD's Radeon Fury X lived up to its name by infuriating some buyers with a whistling and buzzing noise, but AMD is working on fixing the problem.

news - JULY 3 10

After a pretty decent wait, Asus finally took the covers off its Strix GTX 980 Ti, and it doesn't disappoint, on paper.

news - JULY 1 25

EVGA is after gaming enthusiasts with its new GTX 980 Ti, which is designed for extreme overclocking and features an aggressive power design and an efficient dual-fan cooler.

news - JUNE 30 10

Gigabyte gives details on its R9 390 and R9 380 GPUs.

news - JUNE 29 5

On June 24 XSPC showed a glimpse of its Razor R9 Fury X water block on its Facebook page, simply stating that the block is in production. We reached out and got a few more details.

news - JUNE 24 20

EKWB is one of the leading water cooling companies on the planet, and it often has support for the latest cards fairly quickly. The company wasted no time at all getting ready for AMD's new Fury cards.

news - JUNE 23 0

EK Water Blocks (EKWB) is one of the best known companies with some of the most sought-after products in the water cooling business. Today the company announced support for Nvidia's Quadro M6000 compute card.

news - JUNE 22 12

MSI joins the premium SLI bridge fray.

reviews - JUNE 21 72

Only a few weeks remain before Computex 2015 kicks off in Taipei, Taiwan. Is the gaming graphics card market poised to heat up? Based on the past month of silence from both AMD and Nvidia, it'd be fair to bet...

news - JUNE 19 14

With the release of the AMD R9 300 series of GPUs yesterday, many of AMD's board partners have released new graphics cards. XFX has released seven new GPUs to represent it in the very competitive gaming market.

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