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Processors - Page 9


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - NOVEMBER 5 24

Emulators are a fantastic tool to get antique Atari ST, Amiga and C64 games to run on your PC. In the future, there may be an emulator that is solving ARM headaches.

news - NOVEMBER 2 50

There are reports that Sony has begun shipping a new version of its Orbis PS4 development kit.

news - NOVEMBER 1 25

Nvidia has confirmed that it will be combining GPGPUs with ARM 64-bit processors in future Tesla products.

news - NOVEMBER 1 14

Intel has been among the most critical tech companies in the U.S. that have consistently and strongly criticized the U.S. education system.

news - OCTOBER 31 18

Scheduled for arrival in actual commercial SoC designs in 2014, ARM formally announced the first two processors based on it 64-bit ARMv8 architecture.

news - OCTOBER 31 17

IBM researchers believe to have found a way to overcome the physical limitations to shrink silicon in future computer chips.

news - OCTOBER 31 49

Intel has developed a prototype of a 48-core processor for smartphones. Before you ask: No, you can't buy a 48-core smartphone next year.

reviews - OCTOBER 31 109

Shortly after AMD's Bulldozer architecture launched, AMD had us anticipating a couple of hotfixes that were supposed to improve FX-8150's performance. But Windows 8 was the ultimate goal. Now that the operating...

news - OCTOBER 30 70

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has unveiled a new monstrous supercomputer flagship.

news - OCTOBER 29 14

A sign of arrogance or confidence?

news - OCTOBER 29 37

Intel has confirmed a massive expansion of its chip production site in Hillsboro, Oregon.

news - OCTOBER 28 34

IHS has said that only 11.3 percent of a total of 5,994 companies have complied with the requirements of the U.S. Conflict Minerals Law so far.

news - OCTOBER 27 34

Intel has quietly added a new flagship model to its Atom processor family.

news - OCTOBER 24 5

ARM is benefiting from the smartphone craze with more than 2.2 billion ARM chips shipped in the third quarter.

news - OCTOBER 23 32

Sony has announced the release of PS3 system update version 4.30, which will bring a few user interface changes and kick a prestigious project to the curb.

reviews - OCTOBER 23 293

Last year, AMD launched its Bulldozer architecture to disappointed enthusiasts who were hoping to see the company rise to its former glory. Today, we get an FX processor based on the Piledriver update. Does it...

news - OCTOBER 19 20

Intel has quietly added a new mobile processor to its i7 series lineup to bolster its offering for notebooks in the $900 to $1000 range.

news - OCTOBER 19 42

While we have seen images of Apple's A6 processor die, large parts of the core design as well as the interaction of the integrated components remain speculation.

news - OCTOBER 18 130

Historically, AMD has surprised analysts and investors with a better than expected quarter result in 20 of the past 48 earnings calls. Today's was not one of those calls, but there was still a surprise.

news - OCTOBER 18 20

AMD is expected to drop prices of some of its older processors.

news - OCTOBER 18 42

Over the past decades, Intel has always been an early indicator of economic trouble in IT and it has always been the spearheading horse to pull an entire industry out of a downturn. This time may be different.

news - OCTOBER 15 12

An Israeli financial newspaper claims that Amazon is in talks with Texas Instruments to buy its SoC business. So silly.

reviews - OCTOBER 15 184

AMD has the clock rate on its side. But Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture boasts superior IPC throughput. We pit the 4.2 GHz FX-4170 against Intel's new 3.3 GHz Core i3-3220 in an effort to determine which CPU is...

news - OCTOBER 13 59

There's a rumor that AMD is getting ready to reduce its current global workforce up to 30-percent.

news - OCTOBER 13 34

Analyst predictions of a declining PC market for this year are showing their impact on stocks.

news - OCTOBER 12 32

Nintendo breaks down its own hardware, revealing the guts of the upcoming Wii U console.

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