Get $200 off Alienware's RTX 4070 Super-equipped Aurora R16 gaming desktop — $1,699 sale price includes 14th Gen Core i7 CPU

Real Deals Dell Alienware Aurora R16 Desktop Gaming PC
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With some amazing games released over the last year, there has been an increase in people looking to build a decent gaming PC over playing on a console where your graphical options are severely limited. However, getting your hands on a good gaming PC isn't as easy as just picking up a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console. It is also a lot more expensive, but the rewards are crisper graphics and higher framerates. 

On sale at Dell is the redesigned Alienware Aurora R16 Desktop Gaming PC available for $1,699 — reduced by $200 from its $1,899 starting price. With a decent price-to-performance ratio for a prebuilt desktop gaming PC, the Alienware Aurora R16 features some of the latest hardware and is more than up to the challenge of playing your favorite game titles.

Sporting a much nicer case aesthetic (in my personal opinion) than the bulkier spaceship-looking cases from earlier generations, the Alienware Aurora R16 ups its cooling with more vents, better airflow, and a larger AIO cooler. This model features a 240mm radiator on the AIO liquid CPU cooler for keeping the Intel Core i7-14700F processor cool. This SKU of the Alienware Aurora R16 also comes with one of Nvidia's mid-cycle GPU refresh cards - the RTX 4070 Super - which is an improvement over the previous RTX 4070 by around 15% in performance.

Alienware Aurora R16 Desktop Gaming PC: now $1,699 at Dell

Alienware Aurora R16 Desktop Gaming PC: now $1,699 at Dell (was $1,899)

CPU: Intel Core i7-14700F
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super 12GB
RAM: 16 GB of DDR5 5600MHz

Stepping away from the more sci-fi case designs, the Alienware Aurora R16 goes for a more modest and subdued-looking case. Keeping the glass side panel for looking at the PC's internals and increasing the size of the AIO cooler, as well as more airflow, helps to keep this gaming PC cooler than previous Alienware iterations. 

For more information see our review of Dell's Alienware Aurora R16 Desktop Gaming PC, and see if it's the prebuilt desktop gaming PC for you. 

Prebuilt gaming PCs will never be as cheap as building your own computer, but you're paying more for the pure convenience of having someone do it for you. You'll have the peace of mind of an all-in-one warranty for your computer.  You won't have to diagnose individual part failures and contact individual parts manufacturers for RMAs should something go wrong.

There are also negatives to buying an Alienware PC such as proprietary parts usage and BIOS lockdowns for certain components like XMP profiles for different RAM. But if you're not looking to replace parts yourself or intend to frequently upgrade the machine, then this is a non-issue.

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