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NEC Working on 3D All-in-One PC for Gamers

NEC is jumping onto the 3D bandwagon by offering an all-in-one desktop solution slated for sometime in 2010. According to Impress PC Watch, the AIO features a display that requires an inexpensive pair of polarized glasses to create the 3D effect. The rig will also come with a built-in Blu-ray player, indicating that the AIO is capable of HD video playback.

At this point the details are somewhat scarce, as the device recently made an appearance at a demonstration in Japan after its official announcement. With that said, additional hardware specs are not available at this time, however press images distributed by NEC reveal the ValueStar brand located at the top left-hand corner of the LCD frame. ValueStar also supports Windows 7.

Akihabara News adds that NEC's 3D AIO is scheduled to hit Japanese retail shelves by year end--Impress PC Watch said it's possible it will make a debut in the first half of 2010. Either way, don't expect this AIO to hit the States until Q4 2010 or sometime in 2011.