3D Monitors Coming Down In Price, But Still Expensive


San Diego (CA) - iZ3D has been shipping 19" and 22" 3D monitors for ages now, and their software/hardware solution was often touted as one of best possible 3D experiences - sans the price. Shelling out a grand for a 22" monitor is a tough sell, and even Dell has learned that that with its brilliantly designed Crystal model. But prices are coming quickly and may make you wonder if it’s time to test drive a 3D LCD.

The guys of iZ3D have just informed us that the company slashed the price to $599, or just about what you would pay for a Dell 2408WFP. True, from one side you have a full-HD DisplayPort-Enabled 2"-bigger display, but iZ3D offers a resolution of 1650 x 1050 pixels (it is a little lighter on the hardware). And when you dive into the 3D world, those two inches seem to fade away.

iZ3D claims that this price cut is nothing else but a present for graduation day, in an effort to accelerate sales. It looks like this monitor has finally a price tag that could bring in a few more buyers.

In order to get the iZ3D LCD to work, you also need to install S-3D drivers, which compatible with all major graphics cards (ATI, Nvidia). However, the LCD will not work with SLI or Crossfire configurations due to limitations imposed by the manufacturer. And no, we won’t blast Nvidia here for single-monitor SLI: If you use Nvidia graphics cards, forget about using more than one monitor. You were warned.

64-bit operating systems are still not supported by the LCD, which is a red flag in our book.

Currently, there are around 80 supported games (but even some unsupported titles will work with no issues, we were told). Owners of the monitor we talked to reported that Unreal Tournament 3 as well as other Unreal Engine 3-based games look great on the 3D LCD.

  • Enterfrize
    Here are some game reviews based on the iZ3D and NVIDIA S-3D solutions:

    Word in Conflict

    Unreal Tournament 3


    These reviews focus on how stereoscopic 3D impacts the actual games and in some cases, give special settings needed to get the games to work.

  • LukePC
    Ah it reminds me of this other review or guide:

    If you don't have the money to buy one of these, you can try their driver with any anaglyph Red/Cyan glasses. Red/Blue works also, but has less colour information ;-)

    We need more reviews like this !!