Steam’s $9 3DMark, PCMark10, VRMark Bundle Lets You Benchmark Your PC Like the Pros

3DMark, VRMark and PCMark 10 cover art
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Steam’s annual summer sale (opens in new tab)started yesterday, and while that means deals on a lot of PC gaming titles, today we're highlighting something a little different. Steam’s grab bag of discounts this year also includes some cheap software for benchmarking your rig that we can't pass up.

On top of the thousands of game sales coming for your wallet this summer, Steam is also selling a bundle with VRMark, PCMark 10 and 3DMark for $8.98 (opens in new tab). That’s about 89% off the bundle’s usual $79.97 (are round numbers out of the question, Steam?) price. 

3DMark + PCMark10 + VRMark : was $79.97 now $8.98 on Steam (opens in new tab)

3DMark + PCMark10 + VRMark: was $79.97 now $8.98 on Steam (opens in new tab)
The 3DMark + PCMark10 + VRMark bundle contains three of the hardware industry’s most common benchmarking tools, including stress tests for different levels of PC gaming and VR, as well as tests for common productivity activities, like video and spreadsheet editing. We at Tom’s Hardware use this software on a regular basis.

Here at Tom’s Hardware, we regularly make use of these benchmarks while testing systems for our reviews, using tests like 3DMark’s Fire Strike and Night Raid benchmarks to test gaming PCs and PCMark’s spreadsheet and editing benchmarks to test productivity. VRMark, meanwhile, is great for seeing how ready systems are for the best VR headsets, with simulated environments like its “Orange room” and “Cyan room” pushing them to their limit.

If you've ever wanted to check on your PC's performance, or even just get a taste of what it's like working at Tom's Hardware, this bundle is a great find. 

Michelle Ehrhardt

Michelle Ehrhardt is an editor at Tom's Hardware. She's been following tech since her family got a Gateway running Windows 95, and is now on her third custom-built system. Her work has been published in publications like Paste, The Atlantic, and Kill Screen, just to name a few. She also holds a master's degree in game design from NYU.

  • bit_user
    So cheap that I no longer mind how they released Time Spy right after I bought the last deal.
  • watzupken
    Its cheap, but I am not going to give them more money than what I have already paid. I bought 3D Mark couple of years back, and now they locked new features/ benchmarks that will require me to fork out addition money for it. For example, I was able to skip the demo and go straight to the benchmarks previously. After reinstalling back recently, they remove the ability for me to customize settings and to disable demos is really annoying. To do so, I need to pay for the feature...
  • bit_user
    bit_user said:
    So cheap that I no longer mind how they released Time Spy right after I bought the last deal.
    When I bought this deal, it charged me only $3.89, since I already had many of the included components.

    So, if you want to update your 3DMark/VRMark, I'd say do it!
  • DotNetMaster777
    It is a big deal with this discount !