3Drudder's VR Unleashed Now Supports Oculus Games

3DRudder released a new version of the VR Unleashed companion software that supports apps and games from the Oculus Store.

Earlier this year, 3DRudder released a companion app for its foot-based input device called VR Unleashed, which enabled you to play room-scale games from a seated position without using teleportation locomotion methods, such as Blink. 3DRudder’s VR Unleashed Mode (the companion app enables the mode) even gives you access to smooth locomotion in experiences that don’t natively support that movement method.

3DRudder initially released VR Unleashed with support for SteamVR games through Valve's OpenVR API. Officially, Valve’s Lighthouse tracking tech was the only validated driver, but the software would work with Oculus Rift headsets so long as you were playing a SteamVR game. With the latest release, VR Unleashed now supports Oculus Store content.

The OpenVR version of VR Unleashed still doesn’t support Oculus Store content, but 3DRudder released a standalone version that works with Oculus’ platform. The company said that it would eventually add the function to the standard 3DRudder Dashboard, but you can get your hands (err, feet) on an open source version of 3DRudder VR Unleashed for Oculus Rift now from GitHub.

With VR Unleashed, you can use the 3DRudder input device as a navigation device for walking and flying games. The video below demonstrates what its like to use the 3DRudder to fly around the AirCar experience, which is exclusive to the Oculus Rift platform.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.