Asus Netbook Goes Multi-Touch

Asus revealed last week its first multi-touch netbook, the Eee PC T91MT. The device offers a swivel screen that supports Microsoft's Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures. The netbook even weighs in at a hefty 0.96kg and measures just over one inch thick, making it easy to take notes in class simply by using the touch of a few fingers.

"The Eee PC T91MT's multi-touch functionality makes interacting with the computer so intuitive and effortless, it encourages users to get creative," the company said. "With its support for Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures, virtually every task can be performed with a tap, drag, pinch or flick."

According to the company, the netbook screams portability, featuring a shockproof 32 GB SSD (solid state drive), and an additional online storage space of 500 GB thanks to Asus. The device also sports Intel's Atom Z520 processor, up to 2 GB of DDR2 memory, optional digital TV, and a 8.9-inch glossy LED-backlit WSVGA screen (1024 x 600). The screen is even equipped with a 256-level pressure sensor.

We assume that the netbook is now available, although Asus did not provide a price point for the basic model.

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  • acecombat
    Too bad it's probably going to be way overpriced...Would make a wicked remote control for my HTPC!!!
  • acecombat
    And now I wait for the lame and always present Crysis joke...Should appear about here
  • angleheart
    Since acer 1810p is coming out soon...i expect the price ranges between 700-800. Without software support for ebook, I do not know what good can a tablet be...note taking? Buy a smart pen!