CeBIT 2008: Silverstone: high end cases

Even if Silverstone still aims at high end cases in aluminum, we noticed a big change. The manufacturer unveiled numerous PC Home Theater cases the previous years, but was much less enthusiastic this year, like its competitors. It seems this kind of product is growing out of style. We just found a mainstream unnamed prototype meant to come out in June.

On the tower side, we found the FT01, a mainstream case expected May, that has a steel chassis (with of course an aluminum facade) and that integrates a 20 cm fan in front.

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It can cool up to seven hard disks and the case has the necessary holes to setup a watercooling heat sink outside. Obviously, like most high end cases launched after the P180, the power supply unit is placed at the bottom. We regret however the of the quick setup system for the 5"1/4 peripherals.

Claiming the high end, the KL03 integrates a tick aluminum front panel that remains openwork and a lateral windows, which is becoming indispensable again in high end casings. The case is expected to be launched in a couple of months at €135.

The last case, the SG04, is calling microATX motherboards and finally has some modest dimensions. Only its exterior appearance (with it’s esthetic and practical top arch) is really innovative. The interior structure is taken from the SG03. Among other thing we can highlight the PSU setup vertically.

Finally, as seen during the CES, a mouse prototype, the Sabertooth, should be launched in May. It has an adjustable sensitivity (by 100 dpi steps, once the mouse is in gamer mode - which must be made active on the mouse beforehand) thanks to a knob placed under the thumb. The mouse did seem unnaturally light in our hands.

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